Who Are We?

We believe in God the Father, God the Son and God the Holy Spirit.  We believe in the death and resurrection of His Son, Jesus
Christ. God continues to forgive our sins for Christ's sake through the Holy Spirit's work in Baptism, the proclamation of the Gospel,
and the Lord's Supper. We gather for Worship to be forgiven our sins and have our faith fed, that we may trust in Christ and serve our
family, friends, and neighbors.

We are real people, with real problems, who are served by a real Savior, Jesus Christ. In joy and thanks for our real Savior, we seek to
build real relationships and offer real service to other real people with real problems.

No prior church experience necessary to come. No required dress code, but if you come naked we will clothe you.

Christ Alone- Christ Jesus, Son of God and son of Mary, lived, died, and rose again to redeem and save sinners; He is the only Savior,
Lord, and Mediator for all humanity.

Grace Alone- Salvation is the unmerited gift of God to the sinner for Jesus Christ's sake only; God acts alone to save the sinner.

Faith Alone- Sinners receive God's declaration of not guilty for Jesus Christ's sake by faith in Christ only and not by any works,
powers, or abilities of man.

Scripture Alone- The Bible, 66 canonical books of the Old and New Testaments, is the only inspired and authoritative Word of God,
from which all Christian doctrine (teaching) is based and it is clear and self interpreting (it does not need outside sources to validate or
interpret it).

Glory to God Alone- All glory is due to God only since He alone is responsible for our creation, our redemption through Jesus Christ,
and our sanctification by the Holy Spirit.
Our Mission

Proclaiming the love of God in Christ through relationships of grace and equipping all generations for faithful service in Oakland, TN
and beyond.

Our Values

Christ Centered Proclamation: Preaching, teaching and giving the Sacraments that makes people live, transforms and empowers.

Spirit Breathed Mission: Sent in the Spirit's power to give witness to Christ and plant churches in the community, region and the

Grace Filled Community: Living and growing in love, forgiveness, peace, trust, and stewardship with God and people.

Worship that's Real and Relevant: Receiving God's gifts and returning out thanks and praise through authentic ang life touching ways.

Education that Encourages and Equips: Biblical and practical teachings that enables lifelong service to Christ.

Joyful Giving: Freely giving of our time, talents and treasure in thanks to God and His teachings.
Excellence in all: Commitment to give the best of our given ability.
Holy Spirit Lutheran Church
Oakland, Tennessee